ESURG September 2017 Meeting

September 13, 2017

ESURG Meeting – 8 September 2017


The group welcomed new member Paul.


The group then had a broad discussion about hostel accommodation in London. Paul and Dean felt that too many staff were disinterested. It was put to the group by Dave that there may be issues around low pay that draw in people who see it as a way to pay the bills and more motivated people who may see it as an opportunity to develop experience, particularly out of University. Dean mentioned Hope House, run by the Salvation Army in Portsmouth. He stated that it provided an excellent environment with motivated staff. These staff are often former service users who understand the issues people in hostels might face.


Action - Provide more information about Hope House for the group

By - 14 October

owner - Dean


ESURG budget


The group considered the budget and allocated funds across the remainder of the year for each budget heading. The group discussed how budgets can be reassigned where necessary should priorities change. Dave confirmed that the group are free to reallocate where they consider this necessary.


  • Travel and subsistence

    • The group are keen to visit other Fulfilling Lives projects and spoke specifically the Newcastle project.

  • Training

    • Budget was allocated later in the financial year in order to give the group time to identify their needs.

  • Promotional materials/advertising

    • Budget was allocated for a re-print of the ESURG booklet with changes to contact details.

  • Equipment/IT

    • The group discussed the purchase of laptops including one suitable for video editing.

  • Specialist advice

    • Budget was allocated later in the financial year should the group require any advice.

  • Events

    • Budget was set aside later in the financial year to enable the group to consider whether they might wish to hold an event.


It was agreed that the budget be kept under scrutiny and be discussed at each meeting with a deeper look at the budgets and possible reallocation at the end of the calendar year.


Personal budget spending requests


The group considered the latest batch of personal budget requests in excess of £100 from beneficiaries. All but one were agreed by the group although they provided coming on one of the proposed budget spends suggesting the beneficiary consider a more expensive mattress as this would likely last longer than a cheaper version.





  • The next meeting was agreed for the second Friday in October, 14th;

  • Dean mentioned that a new keyworker was keen to visit Mosiac as she has a client she believes would benefit from that environment. Matt and Gavin both stated that Mosiac hold inductions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Matt offered to send through a referral form.

  • Dean will be attending the Policy Forum for London Keynote Seminar – Next Steps for Housing on Wednesday 13 October.


Next meeting – Friday 14 October

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